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Buy Local...Make It a Little Social

Over 20 years, same time, same place!

2020 Every Saturday, 9am to 1:30, June through Oct....On Market days we fill 9th Street between Main & Klamath Ave. We are an open air Market where local growers, producers and artisans gather to sell to the public...Come join us for an  hour or so, wander the market and enjoy fresh locally grown produce, bakery goods and fine artisan handicrafts...visit with our farmers and ranchers, friends and neighbors and enjoy our downtown.

The market will open on June 6th with social distancing rules in place, involving booths that are spaced 10 feet apart. Vendors will be primarily produce vendors, although a few artisans will be sprinkled throughout.

Last Market day will be October 24th with the Scarecrow Row Event.

KFFM COVID-19 working plan update

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"Spring is the time of plans and projects." –Leo Tolstoy

2020 Call for Vendors

Visit this link for everything you need to know about food safety, agriculture/produce rules for Oregon:
also for farmers


Note to growers...

Required participation for producers:
please call the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) at 503.872.6600 for an application packet.
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Planting Dates for four regions of Oregon, PDF


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